Daisy B Stamps


Welcome to our brand new range. After two years away from the retail side of the stamps (busy having babies!!) We have launched this brand new range in memory of our Auntie who recently died from Cancer. She had a business called called 'Daisy B Wedding Stationary' and loved her job handmaking wedding invitions, we decided to name this range after her own company in order to keep her crafting spirit alive. 

As we mentioned before we have been busy with our babies however we have still been manufacturing and have made our stamps even better quality than before, we are looking forward to coming to some more shows this year and showing you all what craftyness we have been busy with too.

We hope you enjoy!!!

Nina, Faye and Josie x

A Christmas Poem A Large Amazabet A Rose is a Rose
A Christmas PoemA Large AmazabetA Rose is a Rose
Amazabet Amazabet Dream Amazabet Numbers
AmazabetAmazabet DreamAmazabet Numbers
Amazabirthday Amazabits Botanical Amazabits Fun
AmazabirthdayAmazabits BotanicalAmazabits Fun
Amazabits Summer Amazabits- Christmas Amazaborder Ivy
Amazabits SummerAmazabits- ChristmasAmazaborder Ivy
Amazaborder Winter Amazaborders Berries Amazacircle Holly and Ivy
Amazaborder WinterAmazaborders BerriesAmazacircle Holly and Ivy
Amazacircle- Blossom Amazacircle- Flora Amazacircle- Winter
Amazacircle- BlossomAmazacircle- FloraAmazacircle- Winter
Anchors Angel Fish B Large Amazabet
AnchorsAngel FishB Large Amazabet
Beauty Blossom Unicorn Botanical Butterfly
Beauty Blossom UnicornBotanical Butterfly
Botanical Corner Botanical Dragonfly Botanical Flower
Botanical CornerBotanical DragonflyBotanical Flower
Botanical Love Bubble Background Butterfly
Botanical LoveBubble BackgroundButterfly
Butterfly Kisses C Large Amazabet Christmas Fairy
Butterfly KissesC Large AmazabetChristmas Fairy
Christmas Swirly Sentiments D Large Amazabet Dancing Daisies
Christmas Swirly SentimentsD Large AmazabetDancing Daisies
Dino Accessories 2 Dinosaur Accessories Divasaur
Dino Accessories 2Dinosaur AccessoriesDivasaur
E Large Amazabet Ellie the Elephant Enchanted Unicorn
E Large AmazabetEllie the ElephantEnchanted Unicorn
F Large Amazabet Feather Tree Fish Scale Background
F Large AmazabetFeather TreeFish Scale Background
Fishes Flora Flossy Flamingo
FishesFloraFlossy Flamingo
Flossy Flamingo Flowers Flower Fairy Flowers- Scene Builders
Flossy Flamingo FlowersFlower FairyFlowers- Scene Builders
Flutterby Flourish Full set Large Amazabet G Large Amazabet
Flutterby FlourishFull set Large AmazabetG Large Amazabet
Gina the Giraffe Grass- Scene Builders H Large Amazabet
Gina the GiraffeGrass- Scene BuildersH Large Amazabet
Hello Holly Unicorn I Large Amazabet
HelloHolly UnicornI Large Amazabet
In a world of ordinary... J Large Amazabet K Large Amazabet
In a world of ordinary...J Large AmazabetK Large Amazabet
King of the Highlands L Large Amazabet Large Tropical Flower
King of the HighlandsL Large AmazabetLarge Tropical Flower
Leo the Lion Light Star Love Heart Castle
Leo the LionLight StarLove Heart Castle
Lowercase Amazabet Lowercase Plainabet M Large Amazabet
Lowercase AmazabetLowercase PlainabetM Large Amazabet
Magical Unicorn Make Waves Mermaid Greeting
Magical UnicornMake WavesMermaid Greeting
Mermaid Tail Mermaid Wishes N Large Amazabet
Mermaid TailMermaid WishesN Large Amazabet
O Large Amazabet Ocean's Treasure Once upon a time...
O Large AmazabetOcean's TreasureOnce upon a time...
Once upon a time... Princess Once upon a time...Dragon Once upon a time...Words
Once upon a time... PrincessOnce upon a time...DragonOnce upon a time...Words
Ornate Happy Birthday Ornate Merry Christmas P Large Amazabet
Ornate Happy BirthdayOrnate Merry ChristmasP Large Amazabet
Plainabet Plainanumbers Poinsettia Tree
PlainabetPlainanumbersPoinsettia Tree
Presents Q Large Amazabet R Large Amazabet
PresentsQ Large AmazabetR Large Amazabet
Rapunzel Castle Roarasaur S Large Amazabet
Rapunzel CastleRoarasaurS Large Amazabet
Scene Builders- Clouds Scene Builders- Mermaid Accessories Scene Builders- Rainbow
Scene Builders- CloudsScene Builders- Mermaid AccessoriesScene Builders- Rainbow
Scene Builders- Stars Scene Builders- Sunshine Scottie Dog
Scene Builders- StarsScene Builders- SunshineScottie Dog
Seaside Wishes Sleigh and Reins Sparkle-iscious
Seaside WishesSleigh and ReinsSparkle-iscious
Stamp and stash Large Block 250mm x 100mm Stampressive Summer Corner
Stamp and stash Large Block 250mm x 100mmStampressiveSummer Corner
Summer Fairy Summer Flowers Summer Poem
Summer FairySummer FlowersSummer Poem
Swirly Sentiments Swirly tree T Large Amazabet
Swirly SentimentsSwirly treeT Large Amazabet
Tranquil Dragonfly Turtally Fantastic Twinkle Twinkle
Tranquil DragonflyTurtally FantasticTwinkle Twinkle
U Large Amazabet V Large Amazabet W Large Amazabet
U Large AmazabetV Large AmazabetW Large Amazabet
Wish Wonder Star X Large Amazabet
WishWonder StarX Large Amazabet
Y Large Amazabet You are my Sunshine Z Large Amazabet
Y Large AmazabetYou are my SunshineZ Large Amazabet