Join the Hive 6 Months Subscription

Join the 'Hive'

We are so excited to finally be bringing you our brand new Monthly Club, 'Build a Journal'

This bundle is WITHOUT the starter kit.


Month 1-6... (6 month subscription)

Home delivery of...

Pre Release Stamp set Collaboration from Nina, Roy and Josie

Full instructions for 1 Journal page

Images of other journal pages and projects for inspiration


There will be Monthly Videos available on You tube of each journal page.

As Part of the club you will be entitiled to 10% Discount on the website and at our shows too!!

There will be special sales where you will be entitled to extra discounts too!!



Just a couple of T's and C's 


Example of membership, 


                                 Purchase one of the options on August 31st you will recieve your first set in August then your second will be in September, your subscription will run from aug to jan (6 months)




By paying for the 6 months up front you cannot get a refund or cancel during this time, unless you believe the quality of the product is bad, which we will need you to send us the product back (this very rarely happens) you cannot cancel or get a refund if it is simply 'not your taste' the idea is we push you out of your comfort zone, you never know, you might find you like something more than you thought?!


After your subscription ends it is up to you then to come back to us and purchase for another 6/12 months.


For member discounts you will be provided with special codes!


Member Discounts are not applicable on Workshops

Join the Hive 6 Months Subscription

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